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Keith & Nigel here…

Okay, so this is a brief overview of all the tools, software & services we use in the daily running of SEO for our clients,  our SEO ‘White Label’ service, lead generation & affiliate sites.

Below is a list of what we use, what it does & a link to find out more. As time goes on we shall do a post on each with some further information and any hints & tips we can give you. In most cases we will do an ‘Over the Shoulder’ video.

The list is in no particular order !

SEM Rush

Keith is in love with this bit of software !!

This is a Keyword/Traffic research Tool & some! There is so much to this tool – whether it is KW research, competition analysis, Adwords tracking/spend, on-page reports, Keyword difficulty & Site audits. SEM Rush

It basically gives you access to all your competitors information. We use this tool a lot for both our client websites as well as the lead gen & affiliate sites – it means we enter a niche/market with our eyes wide open knowing what we are competing against with no surprises, which is priceless!

More Info: LinkEvolve – SEM Rush


IP Vanish

IP VanishThis gets used a lot.

It is a piece of software that hides you personal IP address. You can ‘pretend’ you are pretty much anywhere in the World and is great (& a must) when you are creating lots of different accounts outside of your personal accounts.

More Info: LinkEvolve – IP Vanish



There is no point in doing all your SEO without being able to track how it’s going! SerpBook keeps you up to date with rankings in serpbookGoogle….it also does it is Bing & Yahoo which most others don’t. The other added bonus is it allows rankings to be tracked with Google Local i.e. Google Maps and also track individual YouTube video’s.

More Info: LinkEvolve – SerpBook


Article Builder

We use this daily.Article Builder

We have the lifetime licence but it’s worth trying the monthly to see what it’s all about.

This creates hundreds of unique articles daily (dependant on subsc) on many different subjects & is fantastic for Tier 2 content e.g. Web 2.0’s. Articles can also be spun & merged and there is options for auto submitting to your blogs/PBN’s etc.

More Info: LinkEvolve – Article Builder



FiverrThis ‘service’ will save you a fortune!!

This is a website of thousands of people that are willing to thousands of things for just $5 !!fiverr gig

The potential of what you can find is almost limitless – Logo’s for sites, High PR Links, Tumblr shares, Video voiceovers, Banner Ad’s, Web 2.0 set ups, Facebook shares, Email addresses, Google accounts…..the list is endless! There is also SO much more on there that isn’t work related – e.g. I had the Mrs & I turned into South Park characters! (pre beard!).

More Info: LinkEvolve – Fiverr



This service is priceless!

iWriterThis is the place to go to save you loads of time & get content that is such high quality.

The system is excellent and will make a massive difference to your SEO results – Google LOVE (& DEMAND) good quality & unique content! We use this service for our own money sites, client SEO when required & PBN’s. It makes the whole process of content SO eas!

You Request – You Receive – You Post.

*LinkEvolve TIP* – Go for the Premium writers or above – $5.50 for 500 words! That is nothing.

More Info: LinkEvolve – iWriter



An amazing piece of software (Advanced Users Only).

We have personally barely touched the surface in respect of what this software can ScrapeBoxdo! There really is SO much. There are more addons to this software than you shake a stick at!.

We can check large numbers of websites very quickly to see if they are indexed, what their PR (Page Rank) is, if they have PA (Page Authority) & so on.

We mainly use it to scrape expired Web 2.0’s (again, not a ‘newbie’ activity!)

More Info: LinkEvolve – Scrapebox


Money Robot

Wow! – What an amazing piece of software – it’s Keith’s favorite & growing on me daily!

Money RobotThis is an automated link building powerhouse. One of its biggest advantages is that it is SO easy to use! (which always annoyed me after spending what felt like half my life learning SER by GSA!).

I can get a campaign going in about 10 minutes! It has been updated recently to include a few extras such as video views/likes as well as a brand new feature that views, shares & likes you websites on social properties like FB, Twitter & Google+.

You can either pay per month to use it or like us, buy the lifetime licence. Either way, you get a LOT of ‘bang for your buck’!!

More Info: LinkEvolve – Money Robot


Wicked Article Creator (WAC)

A must if you use SER by GSA.

It’s also a cheaper alternative to Article Builder.wicked article creator WAC

This is great for creating Tier 2 content but not really good enough for Money Site content unless you spend a lot of time tweaking!

It’s advantage over Article Builder is that it will scrape content on ANY subject (within reason) whereas with Article Builder you are restricted to its topics (of which there are a LOT) but some niches are missing.

There is a premium version available for very little extra & this comes with a lot of premium articles + the software can do more.

If you are on a budget, this is great for content & the video tutorials is comes with are very useful.

More Info: LinkEvolve – Wicked Article Creator



A very useful resource.

We bought this originally for SER (by GSA) but the sort of numbers you require for GSA is a great deal & this software ‘struggles’ to produce a large number of emails at a time.whiz mail botswiz

However, when it comes to creating emails ‘at will’ for certain requirements it comes into it’s own.

We tend to use it for our expired Web 2.0’s & a top up resource for GSA….it gives you access to a lot more ‘obscure’ email platforms that can be useful for a lot of reasons.

More Info: LinkEvolve – WhizMail



With most software….I would be inclined to actually say all software, you need to have Proxies.buyproxies.org

These are private IP addresses that are updated each month. You HAVE to use them to stop your own IP address from getting banned.

The plus is that you can use these proxies across ALL your software, there is no need to get separate set for separate software.

We can’t rate BuyProxies highly enough. Whenever I have had cause to email them I literally get a response/solution within 5-10 minutes.

We use ‘Semi-Dedicated’ proxies – we started of with 30 per month but currently use between 50 & 100 depending what we are doing.

More Info: LinkEvolve – BuyProxies.org



“To index or not to index – that is the question”

There is an industry split in this respect. Use an index service to try and force Google to find & index your links? Or leave Google to find them naturally.Indexification

We do a bit of both. We have links created in GSA sent straight to this service – BUT just the Tier 1 links i.e. Links to sites or links to Web 2.0 etc that are pointing to our sites. When we do ‘individual’ links e.g. from PBN’s etc we also tend to use this service.

It is a monthly subscription & you pay based on number of links per day.

More Info: LinkEvolve – Indexification



This is when you know you are serious.

Once you realise that you need a VPS – Virtual Private Server, you pretty much know you have joined the ‘Big Boys’.

Solid SEO VPSYou are basically renting a server somewhere in the World that is a very powerful computer that you dial into remotely & control the software that you put on it.

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you want to use SER by GSA (or GSA as I call it).

We have GSA running on ours + a few other software’s just for convenience but really it is mainly for GSA.

This company have been great pre purchase with all my Q’s. In terms of post purchase I have no idea as we have never had any issues!

More Info: LinkEvolve – SolidSeoVps 


FCS Networker

This is one of my favorites.

This allows you to create hundreds of Web 2.0 properties & social accounts at a click of a button……then allows you to post to all of them whilst controlling the anchor texts, the anchor ratios, over what period of days, add pics or vids etc etc.FCS Networker

This is a fantastic tool anyway & when you add GSA into the mix the results go to another level!.

It’s a per month service which has a few levels of membership – TBH, the basic one is fine for most people.

There is a fantastic set of tutorials that comes with it.

More Info: LinkEvolve – FCS Networker


GSA – Search Engine Ranker (SER) by GSA

What can I say…except Advanced Users Only.

I love this bit of software! I have had a ‘Love-Hate’ relationship with it but it was worth the effort.

It is a link & power monster when used correctly! – the main issue beingGSA Search Engine Ranker it can be used in-correctly in just as many ways as it can be used correctly. There is a long & steep learning curve with this one!!

Cost is another MAJOR factor – quite ironic seeing as the software is only about $99 – that really is the cheapest bit of this & only the start of what you need!!

GSA Captcha Breaker is a MUST alongside GSA & even that is more expensive than the GSA software.

More Info: LinkEvolve – GSA Search Engine Ranker (SER)

More Info: LinkEvolve – GSA Captcha Breaker



This is one of my personal favourites and makes GSA run like a dream.grindlists

It is basically a feed direct into GSA of verified links every day & also a larger feed of identified links. This means that GSA spends time posting links to sites instead of looking where to post. This was the thing that took me from 10 links per minute to in excess of 100 per minute!!.

Also, and this is the really cool bit – the verified links are verified by only using GSA Captcha breaker which means you can post to the links without having to spend anymore on captcha services (as captcha breaker is a one off purchase.

A GSA ‘Must Have’ in my book!!

More Info: LinkEvolve – Grindlists


Well that is all for now; there is more to be added but I would say these are the main ones. Like we have said, we actually use the above pretty much day to day and we get good results for our clients & ourselves.

This is the ‘Overview’ page – the intention is to update all these softwares/services with individual posts on all of them with a video showing you what they look like, how we use them & whatever ‘Hints & Tips’ we have learnt and can pass one.

If that is of interest to you then leave us a comment below…..or better still, get on our mailing list and you will be automatically be updated when we add a post.

Thanks for reading !!

Kindest Regards – Keith & Nigel



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