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This is the site that we mention in Dori Friend’s new course – Page One Engine.

Between 23rd and the 30th June, Dori is giving away a fantastic 100+ page E-book FREE!“Where The Big Dogs Roam” to signify the beginning of what is going to be a massive launch!!!

It is stuffed with great content & a ‘Must Get’ whilst it’s being given away (& we are in it! – Chapter 17 actually).

So click the button below to claim your E-Book whilst it is still FREE !!

*Update – 30 June 15* – You can no longer get the book.
Click below & we will send you a copy – BUT HURRY!! It won’t be for long as I don’t think we are supposed to be doing this.


Anyway, on with the intro….

We were hand picked to do a module in respect of Link Building; showing people exactly how we do this for our SEO clients, white label SEO/Digital agency clients, our lead generation sites & for our affiliate sites.

We put together exactly what we do, what we use & how we use it – we left NOTHING out.

Doing a course was completely new to us – we would describe ourselves as ‘At The Coalface’ of SEO – everyday we are working on our clients & our own SEO sites.

We have never ventured into putting a course together until we were asked by Dori Friend to supply a module for her Page One Engine launch.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy it!

It was hard work & the timescales tight….but a lot of fun…..the biggest thing for us having been in this Internet Marketing World for quite some time, was that we had a chance to teach people what we use & what works. Period.

It was a complete system to follow, showing you all the tools we use.

The biggest difference to a lot of courses or systems that exist…..& there are a lot of them! Is that what WE are teaching, WE are also doing ourselves – Day In & Day Out and getting great results.

This is also something that you can use ‘Across The Board’ in the ‘Internet Marketing’ arena – SEO, Lead Generation & Affiliate Marketing. It is just up to you what you choose to do with it!!


Going Forward….

The Page One Engine course is a fantastic starting point. Like we’ve said, it is ALL in there. We leave nothing out & all the other modules are stuffed with great content!

Once we got started though, we realised that although we were giving away some fantastic content it was more of an overview of our whole system; there was a LOT more that we could have shown people – the little tips & tricks we have learnt, a step by step guide as to the best way to set things up & so on.

So we decided that we wanted to do a full course showing EVERYTHING with no time restraints & in a manner that we could update our methods on a monthly or so basis……or whenever Google moved the goalposts.

Basically to create a small community of people that would learn & grow from what we know.

Now if that sounds like something you would be interested in, then please Get On Our Mailing List (signup form is above in the sidebar)……& don’t worry!! we know EXACTLY what it is like to be bombarded with emails once you sign up to someone’s mailing list… you have our word that we won’t do that – anything we send will either be training content or news of whatever product or service we create!

Now the other thing that we do that you may or may not be interested in is a ‘Done For You’ service  – this can either be for yourself & your sites….OR you can do it for clients & effectively create your own ‘White Label’ service.

If either of these things are of interest, then please head over to our website & fill out the ‘Discovery Form’ & we’ll be in touch.


Okay, thanks for stopping by, please get on our mailing list & keep popping back to the site as we will be updating it with all sorts of information, tips, tricks, hints & content training.

And before it goes – make sure you Get The Free E-Book linked in with the Page One Engine Course!

Cheers! & Kindest Regards

Nigel & Keith.

** Note ** – We are offering a Workshop (Value £997) FREE to anybody
that buys
PAGE ONE ENGINE through our link. See the YouTube clip below
(or here ) & check in the description for details.

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